I have been writing since the first grade when we wrote and illustrated our first books. Writing is as much part of my life as swimming in Elk Lake is. I just have to do it. I have written mostly in the capacity of my job as an international educator of more than 30 years. I am now branching out as a freelance writer and editor.

I have taught writing as a high school English teacher, preparing my students for writing at the university level. I have also taught writing to students whose first language is not English. For these students, I have taught creative writing, writing for business, writing for the medical profession, writing to persuade and academic writing to prepare them for freshman composition.

The most interesting, challenging and “well huh!”(That is what you say when you experience something that you don’t know how to react to because it is so much out of your realm of experience) writing that I have had the opportunity to do is writing and editing books for the People’s Education Press in Beijing, China. This press is the official publishing house for the Ministry of Education for the whole country of China. Here I learned the valuable lessons of deadlines, rewriting, the graceful art of compromise, understanding of culture from the inside, and writing for the government, teachers and students.

With my job as an international educator came the need to recruit international students and work with other businesses and universities in other countries. This has allowed me to travel and write – seeing other culture’s points of view. Writing in other languages, as well as in English in countries where English is not the first language has been enlightening and downright frustratingly fun. These experiences have molded me into a “Gumby” of sorts, being flexible except for in the areas of integrity and quality of work.

All of these writing and editing experiences have prepared me to write and edit copy for you with an open mind, a questioning heart and a penchant for meeting deadlines.

You can download a traditional resume here.